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LOST Theories So you think you know some secrets of the island? Maybe you can explain everything. If it's original and you can back it up, we'd love to hear it.

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+ Pinnerman’s Update-“Guys...where are we?”

INTRODUCTION AND WARNING: This is a theory update post. It is not short, it is long. But it is not a rambling, go-nowhere mess. It is a logical, easy-to-comprehend, well layed out journey through the first season of Lost with my previous theory as a reference point. So get some food or a six pack or whatever else you want and try to read it all in one shot if you can.

Friends…Basement Dwellers…Lostaways…

Only four more hours of Lost are coming our way this season. For myself and those like-minded individuals who have looked for clues about the mystery of the island for the better part of eight months now, these next three episodes look to offer more answers to questions than ever before. But in classic Lost form, we know these answers will result in even more questions, and those questions will be the ones that we’ll be dealing with until this fall, according to the producers. Charlie’s question, “Guys, where are we?” sums up the main thing I’ve been wondering since the beginning, and I’ve been very encouraged by the comments the producers have made about giving out answers and not making the same mistakes other shows have in the past. They’re setting up this seasons cliffhanger in a way where the expectations are going to be pretty high, we’ve all seen this quote from the USA Today article:

As for the current season ender, a two-hour finale airing May 25, brace yourself: "We've managed to pull off a cliffhanger that is emotionally satisfying but that demands that people talk about it all summer," Lindelof says. "It's a 'Who shot J.R.?' moment."

"The end of the season is unabashedly, mind-bendingly shocking," Abrams adds.
Abrams adds.

And this from E’s Kristin from the last two weeks:

From thelostmonster: Is Lost's cliffhanger the greatest cliffhanger of all time? Come on, give us a little tiny clue.
I have not seen it but upon hearing it, I got goosebumps, chills and called my mommy. So, yes.

From lostaway: C'mon, finale, Lost, dish?
We'll see lots of the four boys at sea, and what happens out there will shock the daylights out of you.

Those of you who know me and my original work from my previous theory posts can skip down to the UPDATE part. For newbies and those of you who don’t know me, here’s a quick profile. I joined up here all the way back on September 24 of last year. I joined the Fuselage and started lurking there at the beginning of November when they first started, although I don’t post there as much. Right from the beginning, I wanted to figure out what was going on with the island because it was clear to me that the island was the most interesting character on the show. On October 4, 2004, just a few weeks after the show’s beginning, I posted a theory you can read here called Philadelphia Experiment Island:


You’ll need to understand some of that to follow me now, because I’ll be updating the theory with all the new information we now have and showing what things have happened that I think support some of the earlier guesses that were made by myself and others. There’s two parts to the theory, and the basics of the theory are this. There are historical legends about supposed experiments that the Navy attempted after World War II with electromagnetic forces in an attempt to make battleships invisible. The basis of the science for these experiments came from Einstein’s Unified Field Theory and the work of others like Nicola Tesla.

Everything’s in there, links and all, if you’re interested in understanding the science and science fiction that supports the theory. Now, there are threads all over Lost message boards about different scientific concepts that could possibly explain certain INDIVIDUAL aspects of the show, but no single concept had as much promise as this one when it came to being flexible enough to explain MOST of the strange occurrences on the island, and I’m happy to say that I haven’t seen anything yet that disproves my theory.

The exact science/pseudo science explanation is only one part of the theory, the history of the island is the other. In my theory, I outlined one possible history for the island that explained how it came to be. Summed up, the history component of the theory with the science removed basically reads like this. At some point, some kind of experiments or scientific tests took place on the island. Those experiments altered certain aspects of the island. The changes made to the island itself as a result of those experiments are the source of what’s causing strange things to happen to the survivors of flight 815, and the others on the island. The outcome of the experiments could have gone a few ways, maybe they failed, maybe they succeeded, maybe they worked too well and those in command lost control. Even after we start to learn the truth about what happened on the island, one of the big questions that will remain is one I raised at the time I wrote the Philly Theory: is anyone still in control of the experiments, or did those who started them fall victim to their outcome?

From there, I can separate the two parts of the theory, and I can be wrong about one part, but still be right about the other. In other words, the exact scientific explanation of the island might be off, but the history component could still be, for the most part, correct. Or vice versa, it all depends how things turn out in the end.

So if you’re a part of the movement that has watched the show, followed the words of the writers and producers, and you believe like most of us that the answer to the island is NOT Purgatory, NOT aliens, and NOT ghosts, then feel free to read on.

1. UPDATE to Pinnerman’s Theory 1.0, lets call this Pinnerman’s Theory 2.0.

If you made it this far, congratulations. As most of you know, this will NOT be a loosely grouped mess of paragraphs copied from various over-your-head scientific sources. It will read more like a cliff’s notes version of a story. This post has an introduction, and it will have a body of supporting evidence and some conclusions on where the show has gone already. In the second part, which will actually be over in Spoilers, I’ll use some of the more recent spoilers to show even more proof of this theories validity, and where I think Lost will go next…in the last few episodes of this season and into next year.


I’m not going to list all the little things again, but if you remember or re-read the original theory, it still could accurately explain a lot of things including: why the plane crashed, why the island apparently goes undetected, why the plane’s equipment malfunctioned, why boats may have crashed on the island, why the compasses allegedly didn’t work properly (later, on a different part of the island, one of them seemed to work), and other things. There are many other questions that the theory could still eventually work to explain, and that’s why I liked it from the start. If certain historical or scientific components of this concept do pan out to be correct, they will constantly provide the writers with several possible directions to take the story. It’s the kind of concept that can explain many of the island’s mysteries along the way, but still take a long time for those on the island to figure out the big picture.

One of the things they eluded to on the 20/20 special was that the show’s structure draws from the classic suspense model that Hitchcock used to follow where we as viewers no more than the characters on the show do. As I said at the end of the original Philadelphia Experiment thread, ultimately, it’s up to the characters on the island to figure things out together, here’s the exact line from my 10-4-04 post:

The thing to remember about this show is that we're only going to find things out about the island as fast as the survivors do. An even when they do find clues, they're going to have to figure them out to move forward in the right direction. We might all be screaming at the television when they discover something, because maybe we'll know what's going on and they won't. Or the opposite could happen, and we'll all think we know what's going on, but the writers change gears and take us someplace else. Bottom line, Lost will be about the characters and how they deal with each other while they're trying to figure the mystery of the island out.

This has already occurred all over the place in Lost this first season, and will become even more prevalent next season when the lostaways start to understand all the dangers of the island they’re stuck on. We’ve already had Locke withhold information about his encounter with the monster, his paralysis before the flight, and most incredibly with Boone’s help, the discovery of the hatch. The radio signal group kept quiet about the rather unsettling radio message they picked up and its less than encouraging implications on the morale of the rest of the survivors. There was a polar bear on the island that would eventually came to light and raise a few questions, and still Sayid has yet to inform the rest of them that Danielle said there are BEARS (plural) on the island. Seemingly good-natured Hurley even kept quite about his cursed winning lottery numbers after he saw them on Danielle’s stolen notes.

The rest of the cast has lied and fought over various possessions and items on the island, from resources (guns, water, heroin) to medication (insulin, antibiotics) and personal possessions (watches, things in metal briefcases like small toy airplanes). Bottom line, they’re not all on the same page. They even split on the concept of where to live and why. In the USA Weekend article last week, Abrams said, ”the survivors have explored almost none of the island, so next year becomes more mission-driven. And the inevitable fractious aspects of society-building begin.” You get the sense from that quote that A) they’re going to start realizing they might be there for a while and dig in a bit more, and B) there’s lots of conflict coming.

The use of the word “mission” is a military term that applies to achieving objectives. I’m guessing that as the threats of the island itself start to become evident (the Monster, the others, the bears, the unlikely chance of rescue, etc.), the characters will start to realize the danger they’re in and really get moving to do things to protect themselves, survive, and figure out what’s going on. Not to mention the fact that we went from one gun in the beginning to about a dozen or so firearms on the island with ammo, including the pistols from the marshal, the dead drug dealer, the briefcase, plus Danielle’s rifles. Those didn’t get written into the show just for boar hunting.


Let’s get this on the table right now. I am not categorically saying that any one concept or theory will explain EVERYTHING on the island. Nor am I saying that ALL the explanations we get will be 100% completely scientific in nature. It’s obvious that the writers like playing up certain paranormal elements on the show, and that’s fine, although they themselves (J.J. Abrams) have said that “there will be a logical explanation for everything.” I’m not sure how they will do it, that’s half the fun, but there are certain scientific or pseudo scientific ways to explain things like Walt’s apparent psychic ability and the impending threat that Turnip Head represents.

Psychic ability, telekinesis, remote viewing, and other paranormal elements can always be explained as being real or not real (and they’ve all been studied by the CIA and other government agencies), depending on the presence of psychological stress, mental disorders, exposure to chemicals radiation or certain elements, and other factors which have been shown to scientifically lead to such side effects as paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations. They’ve already played that card with us a couple times here - Jack’s hallucinations of his dead father (stress), Boone’s “Shannon goes-for-a-pterodactyl-ride” day trip (Locke’s island peyote), and Claire’s nightmares (maternal instincts of protectiveness manifesting themselves in dreams).

It’s also entirely possible that whatever happened on the island is somehow effecting the people on the island and appearing as side effects and actual medical conditions that could come into play later on. Examples of this would be any biological or viral conditions that may exist on the island, such as the “sickness” Danielle says took her crew. And lets not forget about good old-fashioned insanity and psychosis as possible factors in the show.

The important thing to remember here is that those paranormal elements listed above can be a part of the show, but they most likely aren’t the underlying explanation of what’s going on. You could even tell me that Walt and the psychic who told Claire that no one else could raise her baby except her are legit and I’d give that too you, because in the context of this show, psychics and their predictions and warnings can serve a valuable purpose to the story line as plot devices. But their psychic abilities do not explain what is happening on the island. That is obviously something much bigger.


A little earlier I mentioned how important the characters of the show will be for their own ability to figure out the mysteries of this strange place. If you want proof that the eventual explanation for the island will be scientific in nature, you need only look at the major additions to the cast.

First, lets examine the Danielle character that showed up in Solitary. Here’s someone who, as a character, does two important things. First, she possesses an intimate knowledge of the island and at least some snapshot of the recent history there. The uncertainty of her motives and her sanity will constantly call into question the validity of the information she provides, but you can bet there will be some truth in what she says. The other thing she represents is a scientific background that will obviously be tapped from time to time to help the crash survivors try to interpret the things they discover. Science is like a language. Imagine if 10 English-speaking people were stuck in a maze and none of them knew Japanese. Now lets say the walls and floors of the maze have clues in the form of Japanese writing on them. If you introduced someone who spoke both languages, they would at least be able to interpret and read the clues to the rest of the group, so then the group could work together with that knowledge to solve the clues and escape the maze.

The same thing is needed on the show Lost. The group from the plane that we’ve seen so far is a very interesting mix of people, but to be able to understand the scientific ramifications of the things they will discover in the future, they needed to add Danielle to the mix. Not only is she a resource for information, she’s not exactly a main character, so they don’t always have access to her. She will show up when they need her to help move the overall mythology arc of the show forward, and that overall arc is the mystery of the island.

Mild Spoiler – New Character named “Dr. Artz”

I’m sure by now, most of you have heard, an actor named Daniel Roebuck is being added to the cast in the last four hours of this season, and from all indications he’s a new regular stepping up from the cast of red shirts. What you may not know is that he’s supposedly somewhat of an outspoken know-it-all, “the kind of person you’d get stuck sitting next to on a plane” is how I think they put it. More importantly, the rumors are that he’s a SCIENCE TEACHER! Hopefully, you see where they’re going here. The addition of a science teacher as the only key late season addition to the cast signifies his importance to the plot.

It’s obvious that something is going to happen or be discovered where his character will be needed to give his two cents worth. Maybe it’s for the opening of the hatch, and maybe he’s also a military history buff, that would be great. Either way, the broad base of knowledge he would have as a high school teacher is vastly different from someone who spent a life dedicated to one specific area of study, but its just so perfect for this show. Now he probably did have some field he focused in at one point, but to teach high school, you’re knowledge base tends to be wide, but not particularly deep. He will provide a new answer pool to the survivors to help them understand the possible scientific explanations of what they may discover in future episodes, but he may not be “expert” enough in his opinions to have the other people believe him. And from the sounds of the opinionated nature of his character, look for a lot of “Who ya gonna believe? Crazy old man Locke’s mystical explanation, or my scientific one?” scenarios. Can’t wait for that.


One thing I would like to remind you to do is to review Danielle’s bunker from Solitary. The writers “conveniently” had her blew it up the second time we saw her, but before that I wrote a post about how she said she crashed there 16 years ago, but none of her possessions looked like they were from the late 1980’s. If you’ve never read it, you can read the whole thread from 11-18-04 here, its called 16 years? Something doesn’t make sense…Time question:


The first time I saw her, she seemed a “little out of time” so to speak. Read the thread and you’ll see what I mean. It’s also very strange that the producers destroyed the bunker she lived in the second time out. A bit of a convenient coincidence I thought, and at the time, it seemed a little out of character for someone who’d been there surviving for 16 years to just blow up her things and her shelter like that just because some new people showed up on the island.

The other interesting thing about her character involving time is the recent information that surfaced from the Australian TV Week interview article with David Fury, who started with the show but eventually left to work on other projects. Here’s what he had to say:

This appeared in the April 30 Australian TV WEEK.

"TV WEEK ask's Lost writer and co-executive producer, David Fury, about some of the wildest theories on the series- and finds out some aren't so wild after all.

Theory: The two skeletons in the cave are Jack and Kate.
DF:Who knows what's possible on the island? There was something that was cut from the episode I did in which Sayid was captured by the French woman Rousseau, and tortured. She said she was with a science team, that she had come from a research vessel. There was a line that was cut from an earlier draft where he said, " What were you studying?" and she said "Time." If you think about that, suddenly you say that's Jack and Kate in the cave.

This was one of the most intriguing things I’ve read about the possible mystery of the island in a long time! Not the part about the skeletons being Jack and Kate, that’s unlikely and probably misdirection. But the fact that there was a line written in an earlier draft where Danielle admits her research team was studying “time”?!? Add that to the unusual possessions she had in her living space, and it completely reminds me how angry I was at Sayid for not saying, “So you left 16 years ago…that was 1988 then? Because its 2004 now. Is that when your team left? 1988?” That’s all he had to do, but you can bet that if they deleted her line about studying time, they probably had to make sure that Sayid didn’t ask any “time sensitive” questions in his interrogation either. Yes, it’s possible this was thrown out by Fury as misdirection. Possible, but highly unlikely. We’ll explore the other possibilities in a bit.

It’s more likely that the line was deleted because they realized it would have been too big of a clue about the island too early in the show. We also know they read the boards and react to them, Abrams has confirmed that himself. So I’m sure the fact that time travel and wormholes and all kinds of other quantum physics related posts were hitting the boards at that time were not lost on them. If they knew or suspected early on that any single line of dialogue would swing the balance of guessing towards any one theorist camp, it’s understandable why they’d change the script to keep things open.

Keep in mind, Solitary came out right about the same time Fury was giving interviews saying that they wanted to “keep all theory possibilities on the table”, they were even keeping silent when people brought up Purgatory! They said things like “If I were a fan, the theories are the kinds of things I’d be doing.” It was clear that they witnessed the battles raging on the lost websites between those who thought the paranormal aspects of the show would deliver the answers about the island and those of us who were entrenched in finding viable scientific explanations. The next string of episodes seemed to purposely swing back towards paranormal themes, probably on purpose. It wasn’t until later on that they finally came out in the press and called time of death on Purgatory as a possible explanation. In similar statements soon afterwards, they also said the answer to the islands mysteries didn’t have anything to do with Aliens or…wait, what’s this…Time Travel?


Now we have this interesting new information about Danielle and this possible “time” angle to the show. One would almost conclude that the story must certainly deal with time in some way, right? Not so fast. Check out this quote from Damon Lindelof from the Star Ledger from 2-9-05, the article is titled The mysteries on 'Lost' will be solved – eventually.

In other future developments, "I can say that there will be other mystery things arising that will make the 'monster' pale in comparison to what you're going to want to find out. We're still trying to be firmly ensconced in the world of science fact. I don't think we've shown anything on the show yet that has no rational explanation in the real world that we all function in. We certainly hint at psychic phenomena, happenstance and being in a place where they probably shouldn't be, but nothing is flat out impossible. There are no spaceships, there isn't any time travel."


Well, well, well. This is interesting. We have one guy flat out saying that time travel is NOT happening on the island 3 short months after an episode aired where we now learn from a different guy that they deleted a line of dialogue that would have possibly hinted (prematurely) that time and time travel was going to be a key element on the show. So the question that I’m wondering, because they’ve lied to us before and misdirected us with conflicting statements, is WHERE IS THE TRUTH?

If you look closer at this entire February article from Damon, it has a certain tone to it, quite defensive in nature. At the time, they had just run a bunch of character development episodes that really didn’t advance the mythology arc of the island, think “X-Files episodes that DIDN’T deal with UFO’s”, they just weren’t as important. Most of the shows we’d seen dealt with paranormal happenings, and people were complaining about not getting enough hard answers from the episodes. The producers were almost in damage control mode in February, it was a tenuous time for the show. It hadn’t actually been picked up yet for the second season. Consider these quotes from the article and observe the tone in Damon’s responses. First, the article starts out comparing Lost to the X-Files, and reminds us how Chris Carter dragged that show on for too long and ruined it.

DAMON LINDELOF understands your suspicion. Really, he does.
Lindelof is the co-creator of "Lost," ABC's intricately plotted hit thriller about plane crash survivors stranded on a tropical island where nothing is quite as it seems. But he's also a fan of shows like the one he writes, and he's been burned enough times in the past to sympathize with "Lost" viewers who are starting to wonder if he and J.J. Abrams know where the story is going, or if they're just piling mystery on top of mystery to hide the fact that they're making it up as they go along.

"As a member of the community who loved 'The X-Files' for all those years and felt bummed out by the end of it, all I can say is, we're cognitive of trying not to go down the same path," says Lindelof.

"The X-Files." It always comes back to "The X-Files," whose success at blending thriller elements with sci-fi staples and a complex "mythology" made shows like "Lost" possible, and whose ultimate creative failure made viewers hesitant to buy into those later shows.

"Lost," with its monsters, miracles and mysteries, represents the best of "X-Files," but halfway through season one, some viewers are starting to worry that it may represent the worst of "X-Files," too.

"Every mystery that we present on the show -- what is the monster, where does Ethan come from, why hasn't Claire had her baby yet -- all of those are questions that we know the answers to," asserts Lindelof. "But how and when we present the answers isn't set in stone."

The "how and when" is the million dollar question. Lindelof is aware of the very thin tightrope he and Abrams walk with this show.

"Basically, a television show is, you're starting a race where no one tells you where the finish line is," he says.
With no way of knowing how many seasons to plan for, the "Lost" writers have to carefully dole out information without providing so much closure that the audience up and leaves.

"When the audience demands answers, we'll give them to them," he insists. "But I will say, as a viewer, sometimes people say they want something but they don't really want it. But no matter how well they pace things, Lindelof also worries that the final answers will disappoint.

"Inevitably, of course you'll be let down. How can I or J.J. or anyone else possibly be better than your imagination? You don't know what your imagination is, but you have very lofty expectations. If I show you what the monster is at the end of season one, nobody in America is going to be like, 'That is so much better than what I thought it was going to be.' In fact, 100 percent of the people who see it are going to say, 'Wow, that is not as cool as I thought it was going to be.' So what did you think it was going to be? 'I don't know, but I was imagining it would be much cooler.' We think it's pretty cool, but we know people are going to be bummed out."

Wow! What a difference 3 months make! He then concluded with the “it isn’t aliens, it isn’t time travel” line. Lets contrast these remarks with what I posted earlier, again, this is from last weeks USA Today article:

As for the current season ender, a two-hour finale airing May 25, brace yourself: "We've managed to pull off a cliffhanger that is emotionally satisfying but that demands that people talk about it all summer," Lindelof says. "It's a 'Who shot J.R.?' moment."

"The end of the season is unabashedly, mind-bendingly shocking," Abrams adds.

Ok, in contrast, a worried Damon back in February: But no matter how well they pace things, Lindelof also worries that the final answers will disappoint. "Inevitably, of course you'll be let down.”

And again, Damon in May, AFTER the show’s been renewed: "It's a 'Who shot J.R.?' moment." Abrams in May calls this seasons ending: “unabashedly, mind-bendingly shocking.”

Well that’s a striking contrast, isn’t it? You can sense the fear and uncertainty in the earlier interview. But the later quotes are clearly from two guys who are on top of the world, with the long term vision of their show seemingly in tact for the foreseeable future. It’s a noticeable difference, for sure. It’s great news for Lost fans everywhere. It’s apparently also great news for those of us who think the answers to the show’s mysteries lie in science fiction, and not the paranormal. Consider this quote from Damon Lindelof from last week’s 20/20:

"Conventional wisdom was that there wasn't a chance in hell that this was going to work," Abrams said.
Lindelof said there was a long list of potential obstacles for the show's success. "From the word go, everybody was kind of saying the show is too weird. Nobody wants to see science fic
. It's on at 8 o'clock. It's too scary. There are too many characters," he said.[/b]


For those who missed it, he basically just confirmed that when they made the pitch to ABC, they pitched it as what it is, a science fiction and horror show that doesn’t come off as such because of its characters and set up. And they apparently did a good enough job convincing ABC it WASN’T straight forward sci-fi that they got the show green lit. Damon saying, “nobody wants to see science fiction” is probably him repeating one of the ABC executive’s initial objections to the show was after seeing the pitch.

Now back to the “Time Question”. So what happened to the overall mythology arc of the show? Did they freak out that fans like me were on to them? Were they worried that parts of their original 4 year story arc were in jeopardy of being exposed too soon? Did they then make adjustments to temporarily throw us of off the right path? Was the statement in February just to misdirect us away from time as an actual key element of the show? Are they just delaying certain clues until later? Or was it true, had they already changed course midstream? Did they decide they didn’t want to go down the time travel/wormhole path and move completely in a new direction, which thus required the blowing up of Danielle’s dwelling, just to be on the safe side and get rid of the evidence? Is that out of the question for them to have changed up that quickly? All they did was get rid of a set by booby-trapping it and blowing it up, so for me, it’s a possibility.

Remember this line I quoted earlier from the end of my Philadelphia Experiment Island thread?

Or the opposite could happen, and we'll all think we know what's going on, but the writers change gears and take us someplace else.

I’ll tell you what, if this show ends, and it comes out that they originally intended to do a time themed storyline, but changed up in the first season because we were on to them, that’ll make that statement look fairly prophetic. Conversely, if they end up actually DOING a time themed story line, it’ll make both my “Philly Experiment” thread and my guess from the “Danielle’s 16 years” post look eerily prophetic. And if I’m wrong, them I’ll just be wrong and look stupid, but hey, at least I’m trying here.


This contradiction is not the first we’ve seen from the Lost producers. Other discrepancies in the past revolved around the earlier contradicting statements the writers made regarding the science fiction versus paranormal debate. You can read the whole thread I wrote which also reviews the Comic Book here:


These statements came out all the way back in late October, and early on, Abrams said:

"The Twilight Zone aspects to me are going to always be present, but the show is in no way a straight forward Sci Fi show.”

Then in a different article we had David Fury say this:

"This is not a show about the supernatural, despite the fact that we have a very huge creature that likes to eat people. Despite the surreal, bizarre aspects of the island, there will be an explanation for it. It may not come for a very long time, but certain information about the island will explain how things are possible. We'll try to root it in real science or real pseudo-science. There will be no mystical reason or an island of monsters.”

Well awe shucks, you got me guys. It’s not supernatural and it’s not Sci Fi. What is it then? Is it religious, is it Purgatory? Nope, that’s been categorically shot down by everyone. Aliens? No, that would be Sci Fi and it was shot down in February along with Time Travel. Dinosaur Island? Nope, they came right out of the gate crushing that guess, so if we’re to believe them, the monster has some plausible explanation and we’re actually going to get to see a little of it in the last episode (I’ll come back to that in Spoilers). We haven’t actually seen the monster eat anybody, so there’s more misdirection, but it is interesting where he says “certain information about the island will explain how things are possible.”

That’s key, because for me, if the mysterious nature of the island was a naturally occurring phenomenon, how would they LEARN anything about the island? By examining leaves and soil samples? No, its clear that something man-made, some experiment or something is what caused the island to be the way it is, and the remnants of those responsible will provide the information that will explain things. So what is behind the mystery of the island?

The answer is probably in that group somewhere, but early on the producers MUST have realized that when it comes to the mythology arc of the island, they were going to have to manipulate the audience by denying everything and admitting nothing. Wait, wasn’t that the policy of the Cigarette Smoking Man from the X Files? The fact is, they’re trying to do this show in a different time and a much different TV environment. Think about this site and all the others out there, and the message boards and chat rooms and blogs. It’s very different now than it was when the X Files was on the air. Back then, we’d hardly ever get any info in the press from Chris Carter. Today, because of Lost’s success, these guys have to deal with the media and the fan base in a whole new way with a lot more contact. One of the producers can make the tiniest statement to a reporter for the Canberra Weekly Shopper all the way around the world in Australia, and within a few hours, that quote is on the web and the whole worldwide fan base is reading it.

So lets just accept it, shall we? They’ve lied to us. They did it back in October. They did it in February. And they’ll have to do it again to keep us guessing. They are very aware of what WE AS FANS KNOW, and they probably do make changes to the show based on their monitoring of the fans, which is one of the key reasons I post here. Maybe my guesses here will go unnoticed. But of all the above mentioned possible explanations for the island, the answers will most likely be based in science fiction. You need only look at Damon’s recent comments about the apprehension the ABC executives voiced about the “Sci Fi nature” of the show in the beginning to understand that. He didn’t say that people said they were crazy for doing a paranormal or religious themed show…the exact term he used was “Sci Fi”. So with that established, lets move on.


One of the other quotes David Fury threw out to us all the way back in October was this one about the history of the island:

The island has been around for millennia, and many people have found themselves on it, and as far as we know, nobody has ever gotten off. There is also the possibility of others being on the island, they just haven't seen them yet. And we'll never know how big this island is. It could be enormous, but odd things will keep them from knowing the full length and breadth of it. It's an interesting little allegory. It will be very mysterious."

Let’s examine this statement against what we know now. First, yes the island has been around for millennia. No kidding. Thanks Dr. Science. The island has in fact probably been around for millions of years since it was formed, so that statement doesn’t mean anything. And we already know that there are other people on the island, and we already know from Danielle’s maps that the island is a pretty big place. We might not know exactly how big, but I’m still on record saying that in the modern world, its TOO BIG to go unnoticed the way it supposedly has. But the part about “nobody has ever gotten off”….come on now.

I was really excited to see the hatch, you know why? Because it directly backs up my theory, and it could disprove the notion that no one ever got off the island. The best resource for what the hatch is that I’ve seen can be found in this thread:


While I was studying the oddities of the things in Danielle’s shelter, I noticed a military styled symbol on a wood crate under bed. Obviously, when she crashed there, she had scavenged for supplies and she probably got this crate from people who had been on the island before her. I made a picture of the symbol and emailed it to Edens to post in a thread with a question from me to help me identify it. It wasn’t until later on that someone actually recognized it for a Civil Defense insignia. Coyote 1066 was the one who solved the mystery, and he then supplied us with a ton of Civil Defense information including pictures and schematics of underground structures and bomb shelters that sure do look an awful lot like the mysterious hatch we have on the island. Many contributed to that thread, make sure to check it out if you haven’t read it.

First, look at the history of these kinds of structures. They’ve been around for years, but the one in Lost seems to be of a post-nuclear bomb threat design. My guess is it could have been built from any time around World War II or after. So what happened to the people who built the hatch? Look at the size of that thing. There would obviously have to have been a large ship to transport the things needed to construct one of those. We’re talking about anything from an Army core of engineers who might have hitched a ride on a Naval vessel to carry out their orders for a construction project on an island, to a privately funded mission by a company or government agency. Either way, your telling me that logistically, every contractor who went to the island to build the hatch, the radio tower and whatever other things we haven’t seen yet, NEVER made it off the island? That’s a stretch for me.

It seems more likely that somebody built the hatch for a purpose, and there are probably some other structures on the island, and they’re not there by accident. The very fact that the hatch and other military/civil defense/communications equipment is there leads me to believe that somebody went there to do something or create something or experiment on something. And the outcome of those experiments, good or bad, controlled or out of control, is responsible for the nature of the island. It also seems that whatever was put in that hatch was probably sealed in there to be kept inside, and Walt’s upcoming warnings to Locke about opening it will only add to the danger surrounding it.

Bottom line, when things went down on mystery island, whether it was an experiment or not, something happened to make the island the way it is. Once you subscribe to the concept that a group of people are responsible for that, the bigger question becomes: is the experiment still going on under control, or did it go out of control, making victims out of everyone on the island.


These are the arguments that will rage all next season as we uncover more clues. There are those who believe the experiments continue, and that the plane was brought down on purpose in a way to ensure a high number of survivors. For what purpose? There’s plenty of guesses from mind control tests to genetics. There’s also the belief that what happened got away from those in control, and now the island is just a bad place to be. The thing I liked most about the Philadelphia Experiment is that they were trying to achieve INVISIBILITY, and by accident supposedly stumbled across time travel and worm holes. Hmm, we don’t have anything invisible on the island so far, do we? Oh wait, there’s that huge unseen monster. And there’s “the others”, those people that sound like they’re only a few feet away, we can hear their whispering conversations, but can we see them? Strangely no.

And what’s with those whispers anyways?

Woman's voice: Maybe we should just talk to him

Man's voice: No if he see us it will ruin everything

Man's voice: What did he see

Woman's voice: They could help us

Man's voice: Can't trust

Do those words sound like the words of people who are in control of whatever is going on around them? “They could help us?” Sounds like “the others” (if that’s who’s doing the whispering) have problems of their own, and they may be worse off than the people who have only been exposed to the island a few weeks. That’s why they’re weighing their options about how to proceed. They’re coming somewhat from a position of weakness themselves, the only difference might be they already know what they need to have or what they have to take in order to survive.

So I guess what I’m saying is that for now, I fall into the side that thinks whatever made the island the way it is happened a while ago, and its out of control now. And that brings us to the last four episodes.

“Guys…where are we?” Where are they indeed? The size of the island is one of the big things that still has me perplexed, because without a scientific explanation of how the island is either shielded, hidden, cloaked, phased out of time, or militarily fortified and listed as a restricted place, there’s no way to explain why something that big isn’t frequently visited by indigenous peoples or inhabited. Just no way.

So what’s in store for the next few weeks? What do I think is going to happen to the survivors of flight 815? How will new characters come to the foreground in the end of this season and the next? And what might this unbelievably hyped cliffhanger ending be?

For those answers and some of my guesses based on recent spoilers, you’ll have to go to Part II of Pinnerman’s Update over in Spoilers. By the way, most of the Spoilers I’ll be covering are out there on the web, and nobody actually knows what the cliffhanger ending is, so Part II is shorter, and its basically a collection of Spoiler quotes and links to Spoiler sources and brief thoughts about how they may figure into the end of this year and next season.

So click here to complete the journey and prepare yourself for the end of Lost’s first season.


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My........God. I think we have a new record for the longest post in the history of this board. So THAT'S why you haven't posted a theory in awhile...you've been busy with your novel!

edited: well, now i've read the damn thing...and excellent work as usual, pin. of course, Dr. Artz isnt the ONLY key addition to the cast by the end of the season...unless you're talking about key additions in terms of what they could offer, like your examples of Danielle and Rousseau.

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You just wanted firstys. Hey, I posted a warning plane as day at the top that it's long, but worth the read. It's the price one must pay for enlightenment.
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Good read Pinnerman, no beer required.

The only response I'd like to make at this time from reading your post, is a speculation that struck me, that I never thought of before.

When thinking about some of the mysterious of lost, viewed through the "invisibility" lense, it occurs to me that the flashbacks, the memory loss, (physcial weaknesses: such as Sawyer's eyes, Locke's legs), makes me wonder if those are the first symptoms before becoming invisible. This sounds crazy, but are the castaways fading away?
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ya know what? i really don't like the idea of people turning invisible...not sure how on earth they'd work with that.


that would explain why no one sees "the others"...yet we hear their voices. they finally did become invisible...perhaps the castaways will be forced to come up with a solution?

meh, like i said...i don't really like this concept...but it would give us a decent idea about "the others."

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I don't know SHBL, I had to get a beer. Then I had to keep skipping the interviews. That actually cut out most of the post.

It is a logical, easy-to-comprehend, well layed out journey through the first season of Lost
You didn't hurt your arm patting yourself on the back about this post did you pinnerman? Welcome back to the boards, and I hope you resume your old form soon.
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anarane saralonde
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I have absolutely no doubt Abrams and Co. will have read this post - at least before the season finale Pinnerman. Ah, to be a fly on the wall in Abrams' office.........Great job!

"Oh boy,Sleep! That's where I'm a viking!" - Ralph Wiggum
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jekelish writes:
that would explain why no one sees "the others"...yet we hear their voices
I think they are invisible because they're in the underground tunnels like this.
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Thank you for all the effort that you have put into these words. And I thank you for demonstrating that long is also informative, compelling, and just the kick in the ass that those responsible for LOST need to hear. My hat's off to you.

Some points:

I can go with a science fiction outcome. I can go with a metaphysical outcome. Hell, I can go with a geo-political outcome, particularly in the area of western dominance and polynesian revenge; I can go with them all meshed together. But a pure absolute science outcome in terms of we have a factual answer for everything would drive me to drink myself into oblivion so that I could deny that I ever watched this show. Why so angry? Because the story-telling technique does not support a pure science outcome. A mixture yes. Sure. But I dont want to hear that humankind (scientists and/or govt) created this mess and those on the island now have to live with the consequences. If the show wants to say that humankind engaged in experimentation and nature thumped the humans and is laughing all the way to human annihilation at least that would involve a science mixed in with the morality plays of science fiction. But, for example, why all the literary allusions? Are the writers saying that the experimentations have led to an en masse tapping of humankind's cultural collective unconsciousness? Is it Freud meets English lit? Or is it as another poster has suggested? These are English majors with a chance to show off their education? If so, that particular outcome, by the writers, would be so mean and so cynical that every time that the writers would say "Oh we just did that to embellish the story so that everyone would feel welcome in the discussion," I would take after Scully and throw my telephone at the television and/or computer screen. There a little psychic allusion for the writers. What I am saying after yet another need to vent at the show's power elite tripping over itself (it is obvious that my clients dont need therapy---I do!) is that the show is about everything: Science; Science fiction; culture---western and eastern; religion/spirituality; government and society; literary devices to strengthen character development; time and theory; myth and legend; practical survival skills (or the lack thereof); ethics, medical and otherwise; free will vs determinism; philosophy in general and in a big way; love and hate; obsession, obsession, obsession; and characters characters characters who are so interesting and so complicated that they drive the rest of us to distraction---Proof here!!!---and a brilliant flashback motif that is the backbone of this colossal story.

The show's creators, writers, and general power base, should try to remember a tried and true adage: You cant please everyone. But this is what they are trying to do. They are trying to offend no one and in the effort are galvinizing so much negative opinion that really a middle of the road solution will prove the only way out. And even that will piss everyone off to some degree. But they are probably stuck with that outcome. Unless they all decide that the answer is all science and decide to piss me off. Believe me I am not the majority in most things and I would get over the slighting and disappointment that some flunky of a spokesman, who will be ushered out into the midst of an insane public to read off a scripted document about the "answers" to LOST, would avail me. Because in the end, it is my own bleeping responsibility for loving the show in the first place. And in the end, truthfully, that's why I would drink.

There! That's my "some points" in the written flesh. Thanks for indulging me.
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It's not like I said, "hey they are all turning into casper."

It's just interesting to think about the whispering and the ailments in the context of the philly thread and a subcontext of invisibility. That's all, as I said before, something to "wonder" about, - never said, this is my new platform.
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