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Conversation Between Warthawg1 and LostViking
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  1. LostViking
    05-19-17 07:44 PM
    I have followed his entire career and I find I am always entertained.
  2. Warthawg1
    05-18-17 02:02 PM
    Yeah... I'm not joking at all about my Shatner appreciation, and it goes beyond just being raised on Star Trek. His "Raw Nerve" talk show was phenomenal.
  3. LostViking
    05-18-17 12:36 AM
    I too share the William Shatner appreciation and the distaste for all the unwarranted criticism. Then again, I was raised on Star Trek.
  4. Warthawg1
    04-30-12 09:31 PM
    lol glad you liked it.

    Unfortunately that thread had the mod "THIS FORUM IS MY YARD"
    bomb dropped on it just as it was gettin' fun.

  5. LostViking
    04-30-12 08:44 PM
  6. LostViking
    03-09-12 05:25 AM
    nice video! lol.
  7. Warthawg1
    02-09-12 05:05 PM
    I didn't realize someone else had previously posted the same pic, so I deleted it.

    I don't like being repetitive.
  8. LostViking
    02-09-12 05:01 PM
    Didn't I see some bacon flowers the other day? I thought it was win-win, then they were gone! Did I dream that?
  9. Warthawg1
    12-17-09 04:10 AM
    Meh... returns is an over statement. I'll probably delete it soon and erase my tracks.

    Vice rarely suffers a downturn.
  10. LostViking
    12-17-09 04:01 AM
    The legend returns. How is the sin business? Appreciated, I am sure.

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